DJ Application

The I would like to be a DJ and want to have a timeslot on this handbasket to hell ride, you can email any of our staff we would be glad to help.

please include what type of music and the time slot you wish to let the tunes flow.


Would you play MY music..  probably so, maybe even twice. metrics included. try djbugs at dcuradio

legal stuff

our address of the Radio Tower is quite literally a half-node sir named J121347  “The BriarPatch” We figure it’s about 6 degrees south southwest of hell. So you go ahead and send that letter.. It would be nice to see the K.I.T.N.z Corp make with the entropy again. All copyrights for those on the RL side of the Looking Glass are given props, if you demand special attention just say so, in a nice way. Less you find yourself high-fived.. in the face.